Company Profile

The new location of U.S. Filter Corporation international department in the city of Dubai, puts our operation in close proximity to all our international clients to extend our supply, services and support in the shortest possible time. The new location can dispatch new orders out of Dubai instead of our traditional facilities of Los Angeles, thus cutting the lead and delivery time to the shortest possible.


The new international department in Dubai, is designed to handle sales of small and medium water treatment systems at the beginning and will grow into fully functional and independent entity by the end of 2012. The following families of products are set to be available by the end of 2009 noting that "States Series" and "Stars Series" are immediately available from day one:

-      States Series:              Residential Reverse Osmosis systems

-      Stars Series:                Parts and Accessories

-      President Series:         Hot and cold water dispensers and purifiers

-      Eagle series:               Commercial and industrial Reverse Osmosis systems

-      Sierra Series:              Water sterilization systems

-      Patriot Series:             Water treatment chemicals

-      Apollo Series:             Water media filters and softeners


The evolution of the water industry in the international markets has U.S. Filter Corporation written all over it. U.S. Filter Corporation has set the standards before and is striving to complete our legacy in the international market

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